Why pro forma concept?

There are many reasons why you should work with us. See the benefits for yourself.

pro forma concept GmbH
Agricolastrasse 1
D - 01471 Radeburg

Telephone: +49 35208 3459-0
Telefax: +49 35208 3459-0
E-Mail: info@pro-forma-gmbh.de

Why pro forma concept?

When manufacturing your product, we focus on carefully preparing the work process:

  • Avoiding errors by using prototypes and pilot series
  • Optimising logistics by moving all necessary work steps to our own factory
  • Consulting the customer to ensure our work meets expectations right from the outset

So the work performed on your product is reliable and well thought out, right from the start. Benefit from our well-founded specialist knowledge and interdisciplinary experiences when implementing your ideas.

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